About Us

DL Trading, Ltd., a subsidiary of Charter Brokerage – a BERKSHIRE HATHAWAY company – develops partnerships with select importers and exporters to establish a fully compliant process that allows all parties to realize the maximum benefits attached to known tax and duty recovery programs offered by the United States government.

DL Trading is a unique trading partner whose program results in significant increases in the gross margins for U.S. Importers and Exporters.

DL Trading’s services are not intended to displace our partners’ existing internal tax and/or duty recovery programs. Rather, they are intended to work with and enhance such programs, ensuring that our partners are compliantly positioned to maximize cost savings by establishing opportunities where they have not existed before.

DL Trading maintains broad import and export material positions with many suppliers and customers encompassing many product lines. As a result, we are able to match otherwise unrelated imports and exports in a way that individual companies cannot. For over a decade, DL Trading has developed an unsurpassed expertise in administering these complex programs.

Having served as tax and duty recovery consultants for many years and realizing that even the most well-run, aggressive drawback program typically only recovers a portion of duties paid — for example, historically less than 2% of total duties paid each year is refunded in drawback payments — the founders of DL Trading established the company in 2000 based upon this unique trading concept. This concept has been validated on numerous occasions through binding rulings and information letters from U.S. Customs and Border Protection (“CBP”) as well as by various prestigious legal firms with expertise in customs law.

DL Trading’s partners realize an increase in their gross margins resulting from a significant reduction in costs. This benefit is derived directly from the partner’s newfound ability to participate in the recovery of additional duties that could not be compliantly recovered but for our partnership and the breadth of our established material positions, either on the import or export side.

How It Works

Company A imports 100,000 kgs of material ABC123 which is classified under HTS #1234.56.78 which they neither export, nor sell to exporters.
Company B exports 100,000 kgs of material ABC123 which is classified under HTS #1234.56.78 which they neither import, nor buy from importers.
DL Trading will partner with both companies in order to enter their supply chain and take title, possession and risk of loss to the materials. This step is necessary in order to comply with the regulations set forth for this type of drawback. DL Trading will bridge the gap between the two unrelated companies and match the imports and exports for drawback. DL Trading will then claim drawback and share the recovery with each party.

Next Steps:

  • Contact DL Trading
  • Sign NDA
  • Provide DL Trading with your company import and export data for a complimentary drawback analysis. We find the Customs and Border Protection’s ACE portal to be a great source for this data.
  • Receive a full drawback analysis
  • Start saving/recovering duties

DL Trading Drawback Model