Partner Benefits

Our program protects our partner’s confidential information. DL Trading acts as a “firewall” between each participating partner

Our program improves partner cash-flow, as all duties, taxes and fees on imports are paid upon US Entry by DL Trading

Our program helps increase profitability for products imported or sold for export by our partners

Our program reduces the liability and risk to our partners as DL Trading assumes all transaction related liability

DL Trading assumes all responsibilities associated with import and export compliance issues, broker interface and drawback compliance matters

Our program allows partners to participate in additional recoveries that would not normally be available without our service

The financial benefits are realized by our partners immediately upon import or export, at the transaction level

DL Trading is an international trade compliance focused corporate citizen, a Customs-Trade Partnership Against Terrorism (C-TPAT) program Tier II-validated importer with all Tier II program benefits.